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Beverly Wilson

Owner & Founder

We are also on Amazon! It all started with our Beagle mix breed dog Ollie and picking up after his poop. We love our little dog just as much as you probably do yours. This is why we created K-9 Poo Caddy, a hands free carrier that holds all your dog's poop and necessary items so you don't have to. 

Why Choose Us?

We created a simple solution to an embarrassing and annoying problem. Holding my dog's poop bag in my hand until I found a trash can was smelly and embarrassing. Every dog walk I was struggling to juggle my keys, phone, dog poop, and dog poop bags in my pockets and hands. Even more so when my pants didn't have pockets... It was during these experiences that I had the idea to create the K-9 Poo Caddy to hold and hide all these items. 

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You can also find our product on Amazon!